Stone Coast Music Studio offers classically-based music education in Cumberland, Maine, with comprehensive instruction in music theory and performance technique. Formerly Hasbrouck Piano Studio - but we've outgrown that name!


Elizabeth Noonan Hasbrouck, piano teacher and owner, has taught private piano lessons since 2001, and has been teaching in Cumberland since 2004. Elizabeth teaches on a 5-foot Kawai grand piano.

Maya Doumas joined the studio in September 2015. Maya teaches on a 49" Kawai upright.

Melody Hasbrouck - joined the studio in September 2018, teaching flute.

Piano lessons take place at the Tuttle Road United Methodist Church, at 52 Tuttle Rd, Cumberland ME, 04021.

There is a shared waiting area in the church's narthex, with bathrooms and a drinking fountain available. Students are expected to wash their hands upon arrival, and it is recommended that they wash hands again before leaving.

Other studio equipment includes a digital practice piano and iPads for lab time. These are made available by assignment to students grades 2 and higher during their optional theory lab. This lab time is scheduled 15 minutes before or after their private piano lesson.


About The Studio

Our goal is to pass on our musical knowledge and training in an engaging way, using a variety of methods and materials. We teach from a classical approach. This doesn’t mean we teach only classical music, but we place a high emphasis on technique, music theory, and literacy of music notation. We aim to create independent learners. Regardless of how long a student studies with us, it is our hope that he or she will be equipped with the knowledge and curiosity to teach themselves pieces at or below their current level.

We strive to make our lessons fun and engaging. We believe that piano is one of the easiest as well as one of the hardest instruments to learn. Learning is its own reward, yes, but sometimes an extra incentive is helpful. We use an assortment of prizes and small competitions throughout the year. Participation is optional – but the principle is simply that we want to inspire each student to do his or her best work.

We can also be found on Facebook @stonecoastmusic.