Piano for Students with Special Needs

Maya Doumas has a background in social work; before joining Hasbrouck Piano Studio she worked intensely with children with special needs (including autism, using the Applied Behavioral Analysis model). During this time she was employed as an Ed. Tech. at the Reach School in South Portland, and then the Mabel I. Wilson School in Cumberland. Seeing the effects that music has on children with special needs, especially autism, Maya wants her studio to include students with special needs. She believes that music can lift self-esteem, lower anxiety, and bring joy.

Maya is not a certified music therapist. However, she uses the piano and music as a pathway to provide therapeutic benefits to children or adults with special needs. She believes that all students should have access to the benefits of piano lessons; her work with special needs students in a school setting has enhanced this vision and provided valuable experience.

Maya adapts instructional methods in her piano lessons based on the student's individual strengths and learning styles. Access to a student’s IEP is very useful in helping Maya craft her lesson plans and yearly goals.